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Upcoming Classes and Information

Brow Design Academy® Microblading Fundamentals™ course is the leading American company for Microblading certification.

In class you are enrolled in the Brow Design Online™ course with multiple videos, diagrams, and text. This is a very detailed online training that explains the entire technique. You will be supported by your trainer until you certify with Brow Design.

After you certify, you will be included in the Brow Design Elite Artist Directory. This directory is only for extraordinary artists who complete the strict certification process. Brow Design Artists are the highest paid in the industry. To be a Brow Design® Artist means to be the top of industry, and in an elite class.

Brow Design® classes taught by Truc Duong are held at Six Sigma Brows studio in Plantsville, CT.  These classes will be 4 students per instructor in a 3-day class so you will get more training and individual attention.

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Brow Design International