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What To Expect When You Book An Appointment

Step 1: Consultation- It is crucial to determine if an individual is a good candidate for Microblading. We will look at your skin type, go over any medical conditions, allergies and medications that you are on to ensure that nothing will interfere with the procedure and healing.

Step 2: Measuring and Shaping of the Brows-  This is done using a caliper to measure 6 points on the brows per the Golden Ratio Method to achieve symmetry according to your unique facial structures and preference. 

(Allow your brows to grow out as much as possible, and allow the natural shape of your eyebrows to form.  Do not wax 3 days before the procedure as this will irritate your skin and affects the healing process.)

Step 3:  Validating Symmetry- Once the outlines of the brows are drawn, your microblading artist will digitally check the left and right brow for symmetry using a symmetry app.

Step 4:  Brow Grooming- Once your brow shapes are as symmetrical as possible for your facial features, your artist will groom your brows and tweeze any hair that is outside of this desired shape.  This is done to ensure very clean and beautiful looking brows at the end of the procedure.

Step 5:  Mixing Pigment Color-  At Six Sigma Brows, we use Li Pigments to achieve a customized pigment color to match the client’s natural eyebrow hair color and skin type for a natural healed result.  

(If you tint your brows, tinting must be done at least 3 days before the procedure and could only be done again once the microblading has had at least 30 days to heal post procedure.)

Step 6:  Microblading-  This is where the fun begins!  This process is done with a swiping motion of a manual pen and a set of very fine needles, implanting pigment under the epidermis (first layer) of the skin in fine and short hair-like strokes to mimic the look of natural eyebrows.

Step 7:  Healing period of at least 30 days- Please see POST-CARE instructions that will be provided to you after the procedure and follow every step to ensure properly healed brows.

Step 8: Perfecting Session- This is the second step in the 2 steps process of microblading.  The perfecting session is when we can go over strokes that faded during the healing process, add more strokes for volume, and/or make the brows thicker or darker, depending upon preference, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Step 9:  Enjoy your new brows! 

You may book an appointment with Truc under "Book An Appointment", or if you have questions regarding the procedure, you may select "Contact" to send an e-mail or call Truc. 


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